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Georgia Federal-State Inspection Service and the USDA

GA FSIS offers GAP & GHP Audit Verification Program which is a voluntary, fee for service program. Audits are only performed by USDA trained and licensed Federal or State department of agriculture employees. USDA AMS Fresh Products Branch works in cooperation with States to ensure program integrity, uniformity, and consistency nationwide. USDA trained and licensed auditors provide an unbiased review of growers, handlers, or receiver’s practices to minimize food safety hazards. This program verifies that the participating companies are conforming to generally accepted agricultural best practices. This program is not a regulatory or mandatory audit required by any State or Federal regulation.

Passing audit results are posted on USDA’s website and are accessible by you and your customers. In addition, organizations with passing results are acknowledged with an official USDA certificate verifying that the organization passed the applicable elements of the audit. A certificate is issued from USDA to verify your achievement of a passing audit and is suitable for framing.


  » Visit the USDA's website and learn more about Grading, Certification, and Verification.